Friday, December 5, 2008

It's been awhile!

I have not posted on here in a really long time so I decided it was time. I am in the midst of finals and am very stressed about everything but I know that it will be over soon and then I get to go home, which is very exciting. I am super excited for Christmas!!! It is my favorite time of the year and I can't wait to be home with family. And I am going to Disneyland on December 17th, which I can't wait for! I am going with my brothers girlfriend Katelyn who has never been before and she is 20 years old, so we are super stoked!!!! Anyway I should be doing something productive right now, like reading or studying, but to be honest I'm kinda over it....can't wait to be done with school. I graduate in May and then I have to start working at a real should be fun. I just can't wait to be done, I am so sickkk of school it is not even funny!!! Hope all is well with everyone and Happy Holidays!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Coming Home!

I am coming home tomorrow. I fly on a non-stop flight from JFK to San Diego and I get in at 5:55pm. I can't wait to see everyone and actually start my summer. Unfortunately I will only be home for about 2 weeks and then I move back up to San Rafael into my new apartment with my roommate Megan on August 1st.

My senior year (I can't believe it went by so fast) doesn't start until August 25th, but we couldn't pass this place up and they said the latest we could move in was the 1st. So I will be there for about 3 weeks with no school if anyone wants to come visit!! I will just start working for my families up there early. I am sure they miss me very much, all summer with no sitter!

I am going to try and see anyone and everyone in the 2 weeks that I am home so I can't wait. I will try to keep this blog going for future events and updates on my life. I love you all and hope to see everyone soon!!! Can't wait to be back in beautiful CALI. There is no place like home!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008


This past weekend I took the train about 3 hours north to visit my Dad's best friend, Bobby McGinnis, who still lives in Connecticut. I have never been to the east coast, which means I had never seen where my Dad grew up. Bobby gave me the tour of their old neighborhood and all the places they used to like to go. I had so much fun and now I know where all the places are that I've always heard about!

The house my Dad grew up in, 36 School Street, East Hartford, Connecticut

My Dad's house again

Bobby McGinnis' (his best friend) house right next door, 30 School St

This used to be the elementary school, right across the street from his house, now it is the Department of Safety building.

This is where they went to middle school, they were the first class when it opened up!

This is where my Dad grew up, everything was on these two streets!

This used to be the Fire Station, still has the original clock tower, but it is unoccupied now.

The Library right next to his house, its still the library!

This place used to be called Jolly's, it was a favorite bar of my Grandpa Joe's.
And this place used to be called Wishy's, my Grandpas other hang out!

East Hartford Golf Course where my Dad learned to play golf!

My Dads high school, which is now the middle school.

A waterfall that is part of a river they used to play in.

Black raspberry sundae at Friendly's!!

Connecticut River, we watched the fireworks here. They set them off of huge boats in the middle of the river!!

I will be home in a week!! And then I move into my new apartment on August 1st, so I will be wanting to spend as much time with people in Poway as possible!! I miss everyone and hope all is going well. Love you all and I will write again soon!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Pictures and an Update

These are a few pics from when I was in the city with my sister. She took these while she was under and overhang and I was standing in the rain under my umbrella waiting for it to stop raining so we could walk another block before it would start again! This rain is not like anything in rained so hard for a long time and the lighting was BIG and the thunder was LOUD!! And it was still like 85 degrees outside, but it was alot of fun!

At least we were on Fifth Avenue trying to see cool stuff, it was just raining to hard to get anywhere :(

I haven't written in awhile. I have been very busy with the kids. Working basically 7-7 Monday thru Friday and getting the weekends off. The kids are great and a lot of fun, they just take alot of time and energy. If I can do this (basically being the mom) with kids that are not my own, I now know that I can handle having kids myself...not that I have ever had any doubts!! :)

We have gotten to know the area pretty well. We have found all the fun parks, the grocery stores, the doctor (we already had to take little Tristan to the doctor, he had Roseola AKA German measles, and Sebastien had to get a nut allergy panel done...he is allergic to peanuts, cashews and pistachios). They have met a few neighbor friends already and are starting to feel like this is home. I have had a blast being in a new place and learning what its like to live on the east coast, and starting to understand some of the stories my Dad tells me about how it was growing up "back east".

Amelie starts camp tomorrow full time monday-friday and the boys start on tuesday half days tuesday-thursday. So the schedlue will get a little bit easier. Tuesday-Thursday I will get 8-12am off, after I get them out the door and before they need to be picked up, still working full time monday and friday. It should be a little bit easier on me for the last 2 weeks that I am here.

This weekend I am going up to Connecticut to visit my dads best friend Bobby McGinnis. They grew up together since they were 6 months old so he is going to show me where my father grew up and where they went to school and some other land marks that I have always heard my dad talk about, but have never gotten to see. I am looking forward to it very much, and it will be fun to get away for a few days. I hope to see some good fireworks on the fourth and I will definitely enjoy having ice cream at the famous Friendly's!!!

As of tonight I am scheduled to come home July 15th and I can't wait to see everyone. I miss you all and hope everything is going well back in California. Everyone that is in town should go to the fair and enjoy it for me, this is the first summer of my life that I don't get to go to the Del Mar fair. Eat lots of food for me!! I love you and will try to write again soon!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Boys in the Bath!!!

Bath time for the twins! They are so cute!

Sebastien with the cutest little smile :)

What did I do? He is very mischievous most of the time, but so cute!

Sebastien had to use his sisters towel...they are adorable! Tristan loves watching his brother, I can never get him to look at the camera!
They were both laughing when I said, "Cheese"!!

New York City Pics!!

Here are a bunch of pictures from my day in the city with my sister this past weekend!! Enjoy!

Taking the subway was pretty coolStature of Liberty from the Staten Island was a hazy day

From on top of the Empire State Building

Me on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, sort of a bad picture!

It is kind of hard to tell, but that gap kind of in the middle right is where the Twin Towers were...
Time Square pictures!!

I couldn't help but take a picture of this Pub, I saw it walking down the street! And if you don't get it then you don't know me very well...I'm a twin and Irish!!!

Empire State Building in the distance between two other buildings!

A Few East Hampton Pics

This is the beautiful house of Nicole's parents in East Hampton that we stayed in for 10 days before moving into the house in Larchmont. This is from the back!

And this is their private beach about 200 yards from their house, amazing!!!
Amelie by the pool, not quite looking at me but it is still a very cute picture!